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GE "Hybrid" CFL's « on: April 17, 2011, 03:34:07 PM » Author: static1701
I picked up a two pack of 15 watt (60 Watt) Reveal CFL's today. I love them. I saw the pictures of one in the gallery and figured I would give them a try. I wish they would mike them in the globe style. I put them in a fixture in my kitchen. Turn them on any they are bright, then in about a minute the halogen turns off and they are just a little bit dimmer. I have noticed that all the reveal bulbs have a lower lumen output then the same regular bulb of the same wattage. I like the color from the revel bulbs. I think I will be getting more of these. Around me, the only store that sells them is Target.

I use real incandescent Christmas lights, miniature lights from the 70's, C6's from the 50's and modern C7's and C9's. NO ugly LED's! I don't care what it cost. Real Christmas lights and Preheat Fluorescent!

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