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found old lamps in DFW area in texas « on: August 01, 2012, 06:36:03 PM » Author: funkybulb
I was vacationing in Dallas-Forthworh area, and cant take any photos broken camera

 I shopped at LoneStar lightbulbs in Arlington,Texas

 I found many NOS packagers of philip-westinghouse lamps

 found a phillip syletone 250KC/N  :mv:
 couple of S11 philip westy 10 watt red  :inc:
 10 pack phillip-westy R12 7 watt reflector lamp  :inc:
 15 watt ceramic coated orange philip westy lamp  :inc:
 philip westinghouse 25watt T8 34 volt  :inc:
  GE 12 volt R14 15 watt single contact bayonet cap  :inc:
 GTE Sylvania ER30 50 watts Pink  :inc: 
 philip 6S6 6 watt clear 18volt 10 pack indicator lamp  :inc:
 philips 6S6/7 inermediate base 10 pack indicator lamp  :inc:
 philips 6S6DC 12 volt double contact bayonet incator lamp  :inc:
 CEW 250 watt SBMV made in Romania SB :mv:
 Osram-sylvania IF 100 watt bulbs  :inc:
 philips HPL-N  :mv:
All was in close out section I bought, I was in lamp heaven there. :o  ;D
I am starting to love DFW area too for some MV street lighting


No LED gadgets, spins too slowly.  Gotta  love preheat and MV. let the lights keep my meter spinning.

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