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anyone in studio recording? « on: October 04, 2015, 09:08:07 AM » Author: marcopete87
Hi all, is anyone in studio recording?
I'm starting from zero (ok, not really zero, but with a lot of confusion) with (a lot of) mics (3 dynamic, 2 Behringer C2, 6 Behringer C4, 1 Samson C02, 1 Behringer ECM8000, 1 SE ELECTRONICS sE X1 D for bass drum), 16 channel mixer, motu 828 + behringer ada8000 (for 16 I/O) and an vintage Hill Audio multimix (i built its power supply).
Anyone have advices for mic positioning (now i'm placing 4 mics in front 1st row of clarinets and sax, other 4 are placed around trumpet, tuba and trombone)?
And, anyone have too much noise from condenser microphones? I tried with different phantom power supply, but line noise don't change at all.
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