Author Topic: Are Europhane anti-cycle ignitors 2-wires 750V parallel ignitors?  (Read 762 times)

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Are Europhane anti-cycle ignitors 2-wires 750V parallel ignitors? « on: December 28, 2015, 11:59:24 AM » Author: dor123
In the last time I've seen a cycling HPS lamp inside an Europhane Pilote T2 , the lamp didn't show any glow before it restruck. As Europhane anti-cycle ignitors are very old compared to most other anti-cycle ignitors (Mainly the ones that don't restrikes the lamp constantly, but waits for some time before retry another ignition cycles) it is unlikely that they don't trys to restrike the lamp for several time.
Also when L_V compared the HPI-T 400W hot restrike times between MV and HPS ballasts , the hot restrike of the HPI-T 400W on the SI 51 parallel ignitor looks similar to the Europhane ignitors, without any glow before the hot restrike, despite it isn't an anti-cycle one.
Is the Europhane ignitor inside the Pilote lantern, also 750V parallel ignitor?

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