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Where are YOUR town's streetlights located, and what kind are they « on: March 17, 2016, 04:19:37 AM » Author: M250R201SA

I made this map of where streetlights in my town are located, and what they are.  As you can see, there aren't many Mercs left, and as of last week, we lost another GE 201SA 250W Mercury Bucket to a GE M-250R2 250W HPS.  There are now only 4 250W Bucket lights in my town, only one of them being a GE 201SA.  the other mercs are 175W Buckets.   It isn't completed (about 85% complete), but I wanted to give everyone an idea. 95% of all HPS luminaires are GE M-250R2, 201SA, or M-400R3. 75% of all HPS were Mercury Vapor 10 years ago. The major switchover didn't start taking place until 2008. Before 2008, they would simply re-lamp Mercury lamps, now they just replace 175W with 100W GE 201SA, 250W Merc with 250W/400W GE M-250/M-400. When I moved here, there were more Mercury lamps than sodium, by a small margin. Today, as you can see, that has changed. I hope I can give others the inspiration to create one for their town/city.  I sure would like to see what everyone else has in their town, if they have free time.  Due to the 2008 switchover, we have a LOT of 100W GE 201SA (Model SAH10S1N21181), and only 1 GE 201SA 250W Mercury Bucket left (Model SAH25C1N2N1T).  The 250W M-250R2 are model M2RR25S0A2GMS3358.  The 400W M-400R3 is MSRL40S0A2GMS3

So how about it everyone, wanna make your own map of where your lights are and how many Mercs are left.  It might be fun to save and go back to it in 5 years time to see what's changed.
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