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Roadway signs and reflectors « on: April 15, 2018, 10:18:27 AM » Author: Cole D.
Does anyone like road signs and reflectors. My street has a lot of reflectors because there are three bridges. Plus we got new stop signs and street signs after the hurricane and the main road construction was finished. The new ones are so tall the stop sign is above my head. I don't know why they've gotten so big.

Unfortunately there aren't any older signs left in my area. I know the older signs on my street were mounted on kind of U-shaped steel posts that were painted green. The newer ones are all on round silver posts.

Also as a kid for some reason I liked those round red reflectors on sticks that people put on their driveway entrance. One day I'd like to get those for my driveway. Plus one of my neighbors has those road type angled reflectors mounted to their driveway apron. The ramped kind that go "thump, thump" if you drive on them.

Collect vintage incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. Also like HID lighting and streetlights.

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