Author Topic: Anyone have the Worst Luck ever?  (Read 872 times)

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Just chilling I guess Unreleasedwav UC2Uv7t9KgigOoT6blff2t3w i.d._official
Anyone have the Worst Luck ever? « on: June 14, 2018, 12:39:47 PM » Author: F96T12 DD VHO
Or just bad luck in gerneral
Seems like every time I buy a lamp it fails. I have more so I'll list them

Being as quite as possible and still getting caught by my girlfriend or her two sisters
Looking for a Mag. ballast anywhere and still can't find a good one
Looking for street light by the highway only to find nothing
Does this happen to anyone else

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Re: Anyone have the Worst Luck ever? « Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 09:24:57 PM » Author: suzukir122
Hold up... every time you buy a lamp, it fails? That ain't right... what kind of lamps are you talking about?
lol... and also, you can't find a good magnetic ballast??
Dude, there are so many good magnetic ballasts out there that it's crazy. Heck, I've got literally 7 of
them in my living room! lol... although they're for smaller fluorescent lamps, they're still high power
factor, and they run each of the lamps very strong.
Anyways, all my bad luck... non lighting related.
Case in point:
- Flat tire on a day that I have to work, with limited time available to get to work
- Rain while I'm practicing riding the bike
- Violent hail storm on my way to work... and though it wasn't a "super-cell" thunderstorm, it wasn't far
off from becoming one. I lucked out of that one though because I still somehow made it to work on time.
That storm was like a mini hurricane with hail
- Forced over-time at my job on a day I originally planned a date with a girl that doesn't like me anymore
- Buying food from the grocery store and then... finding out the hard way that it expired 5 YEARS AGO. Yep. That really happened
- Pull up in the parking lot, someone immediately takes the last spot
- Pull up in the gas station, every station... occupied
- Attempting to cut my hair to get a clean cut hair-line, much like my profile picture cartoon thingy that currently
represents me here on Lighting-Gallery... but then, accidentally cutting too much hair off. The end result? Must shave
off more hair for an even shave, or... shave off all the hair and be BALD

1. Motorcycles, Cars, Women, and Lighting (especially fluorescent)
2. Weightlifting/staying extremely athletic
3. Severe Thunderstorms of all kinds
4. Food and drinks. So gimme them bbq ribs
Lighting has ALWAYS been a passion of mine. I consider everyone on here to be a friend

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