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Lighting the Brooklyn Bridge over the years. « on: November 15, 2018, 04:12:24 AM » Author: lights*plus
I put up an image of Brooklyn Bridge with LPS lighting the roadway.

Can anyone tell which luminaire was used and the watts? Someone also posted a 1987 youtube video of the luminaires. Looks like 180watts to me.

The latest google street view shows Copper (OVXs?) presumably HPS. It's possible that they were changed in the Great Cooper luminaire change-out.

(In 1999, to reduce energy consumption, the New York City Department of Transportation began replacing 60,000 of their 400 watt HPS cobra-heads with 250 watt heads. Between 2007 and 2012, to further ease consumption, nearly all other cobra heads in the city were replaced by a model made by Cooper. The new luminaires had an electronic HPS ballast for 100 or 150 watt lamps and is known as the Great Cooper luminaire change-out. Most of the conversions were from HPS magnetic ballasts to HPS electronic ballasts. These models replaced 160,000 cobra-head street-lights to lower wattages while the cost for the conversions reached $85 million US...all 250 watt HPS were replaced by 150 watts while 150 watt HPS were replaced with 100 watts. Many of the luminaires were over 25 years old and the need to ground the heads arose over time - a lady walking her dog was shocked standing on a conduit cover shorted by a faulty ballast inside a street-light! They were both killed!)
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