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Funny school intercom story « on: February 24, 2019, 08:28:13 AM » Author: Cole D.
I remember at school a few funny things happen with the intercom. When I was in elementary school, each room had a rectangular metal grille with the speaker on one side and a clock on other. There were also square metal grilles outside. I remember one day we were having a fall day outside and there was some really cheesy music playing on the intercom, with something about slicing up the pumpkins. But another time was even funnier, when somehow they turned the radio on and it was playing rock music on the speakers. Until it got caught.

The bells at the schools were not bells, but the speaker would play a "BEEEEEEeeeeeeP!" when it was time to change classes, and one day the clock got messed up and it kept beeping. So they kept making announcement to disregard the bell.

In junior high if the teacher stepped out, some kids would push the button that call the office and then not say anything. Which was dumb and the lady at front desk would get angry and yell at them on the speaker.

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