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anyone interested in car/home audio and computers « on: December 09, 2020, 04:39:45 PM » Author: thorncollector
my car, vibe vp4 1.2kw rms+ into 1ohm, modded with other mosfets. sony xm-d1000p5 900w rms into 2ohms 2.1kw plus rms of bass, i really don't care. drove around the other day with no back window full tilt :-)
my audio setup at home is still good but downgraded still have the b&w 683 s1 speakers but a good but cheap amp and audiolab 8200cd/8200t

pc's pentium 233, k6-550, p3-850 slot 1, athlon xp 3200 p4 3.4 imb l2 ht prescott. main good pc i7 4790 16gb ram gtx1050 2gb 32" monitor. several core 2 quad motherboards, cpus and ddr2 ram these were good in their day and ahead of their time. laptop i am on atm. i3 8th gen 8gb ram ssd and intel uhd graphics

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Re: anyone interested in car/home audio and computers « Reply #1 on: December 09, 2020, 05:22:47 PM » Author: Ash
I have built my few amps in the day based on TDA2003's and on other integrated AB chips desoldered from old TV's, as well as speakers built of TV speakers. They were great for what they were, and i never cared too much about "the sound being right" or anything like that

I currently keep collecting hardware (complete PCs, laptops and parts) of the Pentium 4 and higher / AMD Athlon (socket 939) and higher, as it is capable of running modern systems (in basic configurations on Pentium 4, and in pretty full featured setup on anything Core 2 or Pentium Dual Core or the AMD equivalents). Those older PCs are still my main workhorses to this day, right now writing this from a Core 2 Duo

I also keep collecting monitors (my preferred ones are older LCDs with CCFL backlight), keyboards, mice, cables etc. for use with the PCs, and networking equipment such as ethernet hubs

I rebuild/repair them (including capacitor replacement, monitor backlight relamping, fans disassembly and greasing, etc) to get them to working condition, then keep them around as general purpose PCs or as PCs associated with specific projects. They run Gentoo Linux

I have messed with older PCs - 486...Pentium III in the past (mostly as kid, back when those things with DOS and Windows 9x were thrown out for the Pentium 4's with XP, and i was just about figuring out how hardware works), and have a remaining stash of them in the attic, but haven't powered any of that in years
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