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Re: Success With My Thorn 200W SLI/H HO Lamp « Reply #15 on: February 01, 2023, 09:57:18 PM » Author: funkybulb
 This mercury ballast ban written to law back in 2005 and not take effect until 2008,   It cause of mercury,  light spill over
 And energy use thing.   But Probe start ballast have not been
 Banned and lot of US collector found out the work around
 On the MH ballast.  Thing is  the mercury lamp still being made
 Today but for how much longer.  As lot retailer not stocking them any more.  But Iwaski recently ended last of high quailty
 MV lamps due to Mercury as japenese company is with withdrawing any thing to do with mercury containing lamps.

No LED gadgets, spins too slowly.  Gotta  love preheat and MV. let the lights keep my meter spinning.

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