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Cole D.

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Lights at a hospital here « on: July 19, 2019, 11:44:29 PM » Author: Cole D.
At the parking lot of a hospital I pass there are a lot of cobras. They're all American Electric ones. There are drop lens 113s, Model 25s (one of these dayburns usually), and 115s with flat lens. A while back they replaced the ones in one parking lot with ATB0 80 LEDs. The rear parking lot had a dayburner 125 FCO that had a MH color to it. Not sure if the lamp was an EOL HPS or was actually MH.

But strangely the ones they replaced a few weeks ago are a mixture of ATB0 80 LED and 115 HPS. Not sure why they would use both types, but they did. And yet they didn't touch the Model 25 that dayburns.

Collect vintage incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. Also like HID lighting and streetlights.

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