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Started by dor123 - Last post by dor123
In this video, the pump noise frequency isn't 50hz. Also, The turning on and off of the pump isn't instant like most pressure washers, but gradually.
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Started by dor123 - Last post by Medved
It is actually possible to make a piston pump quiet, it just gets a bit more complicated (multiple cylinders, complex balancing, advanced silencing,...), therefore more expensive and often also less efficient (for the same pressure and flow require larger power).

Also someone may have used some rotary pump format, if we are talking about some lower pressure models (in the 10 bar ballpark).
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Started by dor123 - Last post by dor123
Update: I've seen today a pressure washer that its pump have a significantly different noise than most household ones with piston pumps. is this noise is also of a piston pump as well?
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Started by Metal Halide Boy - Last post by lights*plus
Customs people just don't bother "inspecting" parcels with a value of $40 or less. Whatever you put on the custom form will pass through unopened. So I simply pack MV lamps very well and as fellow lamp people on LG, I'd assume they'd also pack a MV very well. Simply mark the contents as FRAGILE and fill in the customs form that you're sending an "old lamp" and it will pass through to USA or Canada. Not sure of European destinations though.

I'm a eBay seller and I can tell you, that on average, for items about $50 and more, Ebay takes something between 13% to 19% of the sale of the item alone (last time I checked). Although they rate the shipping paid by the buyer, as well as item, the tax collected is not. Hopefully the shipping paid by the buyer covers your cost to ship PLUS the ebay fee on it. Most of the times, that ends up being a wash (for me). However, GST/HST/PST is collected on everything including the tax which they charge the buyer which you never get to keep.

I believe for items less than $40, you can get burned, especially if you misjudge the size of the parcel, not the weight. The volumetric weight of the item, today, has never been more important to keep on eye on. That is calculated thusly: in centimeters L x W x H /5000 = volumetric weight in kilograms. So all you have to do is list an item with a bit of a larger parcel so that a buyer pays for that,..and you can profit just a wee bit from the difference.
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Started by Cole D. - Last post by icefoglights
From the mid-80s to the mid-90s, GM was using a pair of interlocking rocker switches in many of their vehicles for headlights.  One rocker turned the parking lights on and off, and the other rocker turned the headlights on and off.  The OFF paddle of the park light rocker overlapped the headlight rocker in such a way that turning the headlights on turned both on, and hitting the off paddle turned them all off.
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Started by Michael - Last post by RRK
Not much heavy metal in a LED lamp. They are almost 100% RoHS now, that means no lead in the solder and also some nasty flame retardants are banned. Lead is almost completely removed from modern consumer electronics - only some limited applications are exempted, for example when semiconductor construction absolutely needs some really low melting glass, which is impossible without using lead oxide. We are talking milligram amounts anyway. One improperly discarded car battery will bring ~ 10KG of lead to the environment.

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Started by Michael - Last post by WorldwideHIDCollectorUSA
One thing I dislike about LED lighting is the heavy metal content and I have been having worries about LED being the only option for lighting in every country in the world. From what I have seen, Japan has not banned incandescent lamps or even 4 foot halophosphate fluorescent lamps although some halophosphate lamps have been discontinued for a while.
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Started by Michael - Last post by Robotjulep
LED is propaganda, scam, and false-advertising. Who cares about being eco-friendly if you have good power plants. HID ran on coal. LED still runs on coal. I don't see much of a difference here. But LED cheaply made crap that is forcing a new "trend" of light fixtures that look nothing like stuff that had "replaceable" bulbs. "Instead you never have to replace it because LED lasts long." Pretty soon changing a lightbulb from a socket is not going to exist anymore due to permanent LED fixtures and most people will have to hire a person to do that. I think the older lamps were for the smarter generation who knew how to repair things, but LED is making people stupid. Before 2014, laptops used to have replaceable CPUs. Now the CPU is permanently soldered onto the PCB. I see were technology is going. I am set for life with CFL lighting and I am going to continue to go to Lowes to grab their recycled lamps and repair them. I have probably 100 CFL lamps all from the recycle and I think that's more "Eco Friendly" than LED. I am not spending a dime on LED at all. CFLs are "free"  :lol:. Conventional lighting is far superior to LED and it will always be.
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Started by obsessedstreetlight24 - Last post by Robotjulep
Almost all metal arc metal halide lamps made in China are crap compared to the older GTE ones. The newer stuff has thinner glass, less mercury, and worse lifespan. I have had nothing but negative feedback for those made in China m58 lamps. Sylvania really went downhill after the Osram era. Sylvania is just buying crap from Alibaba and putting its logo on it. It is very easy for them to do that and it doesn't cost them s***. After manufacturing went away in the United States, once great companies are nothing but greedy retailers that import cheap labor items that make you have to buy more of them because they wear out faster that quality goods. It's really sad that Sylvania is no longer a good brand, I really liked their Sylvania Unalux and Lumalux lamps and all of the GTE stuff. But good things always have to come to an end, unfortunately.  :'(
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Started by Michael - Last post by WorldwideHIDCollectorUSA
Japan banned mercury vapor lamps in 2020, but I know that some manufacturers like Panasonic are set to discontinue all metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps by 2024.
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