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Started by Laurens - Last post by dor123
@RRK: A 70W HPS lamp can be started with a glow starter. There are even 70W HPS lamps with an internal glow starters:
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk5AWeiQYSA
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ5NFAz6CLg
Also: Old pulse ignitors and pulse ignitors like Eltam ES-50, have a very slow pulse rate.
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Started by LightsoftheWest - Last post by LightsoftheWest
Cool 😎, so that ride on territory?, I forgot how big lawns usually are in the US!
Yep! We've got a Cub Cadet LTX1050(?) with a Briggs & Stratton V-twin that's served us well for the past 15 years. The only major problem was a snapped off deck wheel, but it runs just fine without it.
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Started by VPL - Last post by Maxim
I resonate with what you said, @nicksfans . Though I'm not diagnosed in any way, I'm definitely... different. I guess you could say ADD / ADHD + a little bit of Aspergers? My biggest issue as a young kid was calling out (in class, so everyone hated me, even though I had the right answer), social situations (I had no friends till about 4th grade), and humor / sarcasm. I still suck at reading the room and am terrible at deciphering and compartmentalizing sarcasm and serious situations. My parents always thought that I'd grow out of my lighting interest, but instead it has grown stronger over the last couple of years...

I vaguely remember being a little kid and going to BJ's and BEGGING for those Alpan solar light 8-packs! I remember for my 5th birthday (2013) my parents got me two 8-packs for the yard. I was the happiest kid around for weeks after that. I also remember a neighbor giving me their battery-operated candle lights (which I still have to this day), an American flag solar light (which died a couple of years back), plus a couple of solar stake yard lights. I was what, four???
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Started by Laurens - Last post by RRK
Some more things to consider:

If HPS lamp stays completely dim, ignition voltage is just too low. If lamp's burner just flashes, but then starter recycles, then it fails to do glow-to-arc.

Lamp may be just designed to need a quick series of ignition pulses to start. If so it just won't work that way.

A starter is gas filled by itself. So when the contacts open, the discharge in the starter will compete with the lamp for ballast current, making glow-to-arc harder. More so with higher impedance of 50W ballast.

A discharge in the starter is quite intense, so it will re-heat bimetallic electrodes quickly and cause them to re-close in a short time again, not allowing the lamp to complete glow-to-arc. This is a complex process, as the lamp needs to drop its burning voltage rather quickly to overtake starter discharge. It is easy with a fluorescent tube with hot electrodes (just some milliseconds to complete breakdown) but not so with high pressure lamp. 
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Started by lightinglover8902 - Last post by suzukir122
It's been very hot up here in Dayton Ohio as well, although there was a slight break in the heat today, with just 83 degrees being the high temperature.
93 degrees or around that is expected for tomorrow though. This heat has proven detrimental to both my sport car and my motorcycle, so I haven't been
out much. Not that I wanted to be out much anyways... even if both vehicles performed great in the heat, I'm not a fan of being out in the heat during
drives, or motorcycle rides. Although I don't hate the extreme heat as much as the extreme cold... I still hate it.
I had lighting plans for the garage... put on hold due to the high heat. I planned on fixing the messy wiring for my Wallpacks, and changing it up a little,
installing my 50w Sylvania MH into most of those Wallpacks. Never got around to any of that since it's just far too hot.
Also, due to the heat, seems as if spiders have been spawning throughout the garage during the nights... not cool... not cool. :(
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Started by VPL - Last post by CEB1993
I was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADD as a young child. I remember taking adderall from kindergaten age through 6th grade. I grew out of my ADD in my teenage years, however I still have some Aspergers tendencies now as an adult.

Even as a young child I would look at light fixtures and ceiling fans. I was fixated on anything emitting light all throughout most of my childhood. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I had such a unique and specific interest.

However, as I got older I found out there is lots of science and job opportunities with lighting design and lighting tech. I believe I have a God-given talent that allows me to see light differently than most other people. I no longer feel self-conscious about it and am currently working to get a carrer in the lighitng field.

I sometimes struggle socially and emotionally with Aspergers. I feel like I can be socially anxious and misinterpret others' actions. It makes me want to hurry up and find something I love to do with my life, something that brings me joy and gratification.
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Started by Laurens - Last post by RRK
Why do you think regular HPS *shall* ignite with a glow starter? It may, but no one promised. If I remember right, prescribed ignitor pulse voltage for HPS is somewhere in 2.5kV range, which is probably not reached by a glowbottle starter.

Ignition voltage will certainly drift as the lamp age. It depends on multiple factors as activator migrating on the electrodes, impurities in the gas fill, buffer gas migrating out of the burner etc... Impurities may get captured or instead released at burn-in period.

There is probably a tendency to increase buffer gas pressure to reduce sputtering in modern lamps, but it does increase ignition voltage a bit, as it does in MH lamps. So until HPS burners are especially tweaked by manufacturer to start reliable with built-in glow starter, regular lamps are not obliged to do this.

Also, proper ignitor outputs a quick series of HV pulses, while glow starter does only rare single ones. Depending on lamp / electrode condition single pulses may be not enough to heat-up massive arc lamp electrodes to facilitate glow discharge to arc transition. Remember how white SONs are especially reluctant!
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Started by lightinglover8902 - Last post by CEB1993
It's summertime in South Carolina  8;) It's hot here even by our standards. High temperatures in my town range from 93F to 97F every day this week. The high humidity makes the heat index feel like low 100s each day  :o

I am thankful to have air conditioning in my home and work in an air-conditioned workspace. Seeing a 10-day forecast with relentless heat and 90F or higher every day stresses me out.

Not much rain in our forecast either. The Weather Channel says we may have a "rapid onset" drought due to the high temperatures and sudden change in rainfall patterns. It's looking like a rough summer on the way in SC and other parts of the eastern US. So glad I can take a refreshing swim in a nearby mountain lake  8)

I have a window-box air conditioning and enjoy chilling down my bedroom each evening before going to sleep. It's amazing what a big difference it makes for my sleep in a cold room. Hope y'all stay safe, hydrated and cool this summer!
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Started by James - Last post by AZTECH
@ James,

I have few interesting GE Mazda lamps.

In picture there one nickel cap, two brass cap, and others are fake brass (Steel) caps. 
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Started by Laurens - Last post by Laurens
I've been running a Philips son 70w HPS lamp on a 80w mercury vapor ballast (choke style, 230v). It has a 80 and a 50w tap. It ignites flawlessly in one go, with a S10 starter parallel to the lamp.

If i do the same with a 50w SON, the starter just keeps cycling, and it flashes but does not strike an arc. Why is that? Can i solve this?

Both lamps are brand new and unused.
The SON 70 ran for a while on the MV ballast ignited with a tesla coil, before i added the starter, maybe the 50w needs to 'burn in' ?

E: i started it up on the 80w tap and the variac to turn down the power once it struck, which managed to fire it up after about 15 cycles. Then put the lukewarm lamp into the 50w ballast, and now it seems to work. Gonna let it cool and see if it keeps working :)
Total mains current is about 25mA higher than with a MV lamp, which is completely acceptable for the ballast.
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