11   General / General Discussion / Re: Light mishaps  on: Today at 11:23:50 AM 
Started by F96T12 DD VHO - Last post by wide-lite 1000
I've had a few incidents myself . Most notably , back in the early to mid 80's ,we were cleaning out my grandmother's basement and amid all the junk I found an original Lava lamp ! As I was carrying towards the stairs I quickly learned the base and the glass aren't actually attached ..... SPLAT !!!   Sad Shocked  (my dad still laughs about that one !)
 12   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: GE discontinues the M400R2, & M400A2  on: Today at 09:48:21 AM 
Started by lightinglover8902 - Last post by CreeRSW207
Actually, the M400R2 has been discontinued for quite some time.  2017 if memory serves me correctly.  The M250R2 will be next as many utilities are installing LEDs, and orders for the M250R2 will dwindle more than they already have.  I'm sure GE is keeping them in production as an alternative for municipalities that have not yet switched to LED.  But one day, they too, will be rare.  I got mine still in the box.  I've used it for a little while as a light for my bedroom, but never outside.  Also, Mike of McCann Lighting restored an old M250R1 for me (Fixture and Parts provided by me, Labor by him).  I traded his services for a brand new, hot off the press M250R2 (It had literally been built the week before he received it.)

I admit that I am moving slowly over to the LED Movement.  I HATED LED until my utility started using the LEOTEK Green Cobras.  They put out a Warm White, and when you look down on the street, it looks like a DLX White Mercury Lamp. 
Concord still installs M250R2S, no sign of LED yet!
 13   Advertisements / For Sale or Trade / Re: Cree XSP2  on: Today at 07:17:43 AM 
Started by CreeRSW207 - Last post by CreeRSW207
That's because most members are not LED fans.
True, and its $200 when it can be $50.
 14   General / General Discussion / Re: Do you hide your lamp related stuff from other people?  on: Today at 06:30:48 AM 
Started by dischargecraze - Last post by suzukir122
If you're only 16 years old @LightsDelight, the good news is that as time goes on, you will quickly see that
they will begin to become mature. *Normally* this is the case lol
 15   General / Off-Topic / Re: Favorite Vacation Places  on: Today at 05:41:45 AM 
Started by CEB1993 - Last post by LightsDelight
My place(s) Are:
Sydney (I would advice against going only there when you visit Australia as it isn't the only city we have and there is plenty more to see)
Palm Cove in FNQ (Far North Queensland)
Abergavenny, Wales (My dad comes from there)
Hamburg, Gemany (My mum is from there)

Places I'd like to visit:
Few other places in europe
New Zealand
 16   General / General Discussion / Re: Do you hide your lamp related stuff from other people?  on: Today at 05:26:29 AM 
Started by dischargecraze - Last post by LightsDelight
I sort of hide it as in I don't really tell people about it but if you went to my house you'd find out. I don't mention it to my mates at school as I am in year 10 (15-16yo) and people that age are brutal so I just hide it to fit in. They aren't really my mates although one or two are. My real mates know about it tho as they are all people I met on a lighting page Smiley
 17   General / General Discussion / Re: Light mishaps  on: Today at 03:35:42 AM 
Started by F96T12 DD VHO - Last post by AngryHorse
Smashed the very first HID lamp I ever bought, (a Thorn 80watt MBF), when it rolled out of the attic hatch, but instead of hitting the Ďsoftí carpet on the landing, like a computer guided missile, it hit a tin of shoe polish on the top of the stairs! typical!  Angry

Fried the Molybdenum foil of a 1962, 250watt Philips MB/U whilst trying to self ballasts it on a linear tungsten halogen lamp, like an idiot I didnít think to use a cheaper lamp to test this with!!!  Huh?

Popped one of my Philips 500watt MBTF blended lamps at a vintage rally, whilst trying to start it on a home made 3 phase generator mounted to my stationary engine!  Tongue

Then at the same rally, put my, (unworking), 1000watt halide lamp that I used just as a display piece, into a bag, then not five minutes after, decided to throw a lump hammer into the same bag...........I donít need to tell you the rest.......
 18   Lamps / Vintage & Antique / Re: Self ballesting Mercury discharge lamps  on: Today at 03:04:22 AM 
Started by riverlights - Last post by AngryHorse
Interesting idea Peter, but it would still show an open circuit would it not?, as the filament forms no part of the circuit until the arc had struck an current flow can get back to neutral? Wink
 19   Lanterns/Fixtures / Modern / Re: CREE RSW  on: February 15, 2020, 11:45:57 PM 
Started by CreeRSW207 - Last post by GE101R
I mostly see them in Coastal towns and Cities.
Coastal areas yes but I am usually too busy with seafood to worry about LED's.
 20   General / Questions & Suggestions / Re: Are you satisfied with Lighting Gallery ?  on: February 15, 2020, 11:33:44 PM 
Started by Jovan - Last post by GE101R
Not much different but a few sprinkles on the icing difference. 
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