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Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by Lumex120
I have done it with my M250R2 since I don't have pulse start lamps and it seems to work fine. I have heard that they have lower OCV than probe start ballasts though and so the might not start reliably.
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Started by GE101R - Last post by wide-lite 1000
I saw these recently ! the 3 coated lamps they have are Philips 700w MV  :  https://www.ebay.com/itm/133209047748?ViewItem=&item=133209047748  Sucks that they won't ship !
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Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by HomeBrewLamps

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Started by GE101R - Last post by HPSM250R2
These are 130 watt LPS luminaries made by AEL.

You mean 135 watt lol. There appears to be two listings of SOX street lanterns on that site. One listing appears to be 135 watt and the other looks like 55 watt. Looking at the picture in the listing it looked like a 55 watt lamp.
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Started by Patrick - Last post by WestinghouseCeramalux
You forgot Mynards (Menards)

As far as I know, they're not in the Seattle metro, and I have no experience with them.
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Started by Powell - Last post by Lightingguy1994
T8 IS ballasts often cause issues with AM reception also. If youre a radio guy, you gotta have the good old lighting in use. T8 or T12 magnetic. Magnetic CFL, Magnetic ballasted LED or PL or halogen and incandescent
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Started by HomeBrewLamps - Last post by HomeBrewLamps
So I now have a decently large amount of M57/H38 175 watt Metal halide/Mercury Vapor ballast kits. I also have a smaller amount of M137 175 watt PSMH ballasts. These are used but functional units. The brands are a mix of Magnetek and Advance and they are from the 90's.

The kits will include the Ballast and capacitor. And optional medium or mogul sockets.

I plan to charge 8 dollars per kit plus shipping and if you would like a quartz restrike unit included that will be an extra dollar. (the money is purely for labor since I'm hauling this stuff on a bike from miles away from home aswell as having to sift through piles of junk)

Sockets, quartz restrike units and capacitors can be purchased separately without ballasts for a dollar per item. note that most quartz restrike units I have found have heat rotted wires so you may need to do some DIY and resolder new ones on but since I'm selling them dirt cheap I think the investment may be worthwhile? The sockets and ballasts have wires that are in good conditions but for whatever reason the quartz restrike relays had hard lives.

NOTICE: Shipping times will vary. I have a decently busy life and a thin budget so it may take between one and three weeks to ship but once I do I will send a picture of the receipt to let you know it's out.

Anyone who is interested or anyone in need of furthur info please PM me Smiley

 Mercury Vapor Lamp Mercury Vapor Lamp Mercury Vapor Lamp
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Started by themaritimegirl - Last post by sox35
There is such thing as considering your users as idiots, it is entirely different from making things uncomplicated to operate in general. This have been epicly demonstrated in the Gnome desktop on Linux

I just remembered one of my favourite quotes from Linus Torvalds, the inventor of the Linux kernel:  If you think your users are idiots, only idiots will use it.
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Started by sox35 - Last post by GE101R
It depends, sometimes we do, sometimes not. I think they just pick items at random to charge for. But we've been hit with customs more often than not, even when people on this site have sent stuff. Mike (streetlight98) sent some lamps once and they levied a charge of 17 on it. Although the post office screwed up when we went to collect it, and only charged us 7  Cheesy Still a pain though  Undecided

No doubt!
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Started by GE101R - Last post by HomeBrewLamps
Has L-37 on sockets and 35 NEMA tag on bottom door.

These are 130 watt LPS luminaries made by AEL.
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