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List of luminaire manufacturers for the North American market « on: May 12, 2022, 06:13:17 PM » Author: LightsoftheWest
      I've compiled a list of all the North American luminaire manufacturers that I know of who manufacture outdoor HID and LED luminaires, including those in industrial indoor settings.

Note: All companies listed manufacture luminaires for the North American market. Some European companies are in this list as well.

Subsidiary Companies:

  • Acuity Brands Lighting
    • AccuLite (Juno Lighting Group)
    • American Electric Lighting ← (ITT, FL Industries, Electripak)
    • Antique Street Lamps
    • Cyclone Lighting
    • Holophane
    • Hydrel
    • Lithonia Lighting ← (Hi-Tek)
    • Luminaire LED
    • Luminis
  • Current (Daintree)
    • GE Lighting Systems
      • Albeo
      • Evolve
      • Lumination
    • Hubbell Lighting C&I
      • Architectural Area Lighting ← (Moldcast Lighting)
      • Beacon Products
      • Chalmit Lighting
      • Columbia Lighting
      • Devine Lighting
      • EXO
      • Hubbell Industrial Lighting
      • Hubbell Outdoor Lighting
      • Killark
      • Kim Lighting
      • Security Lighting Systems
      • Shalda Lighting Products
      • Spaulding Lighting
      • Steber Lighting
      • Sterner Lighting Systems/Infranor
      • Whiteway
  • Experience Brands
    • Hess
    • Pantheon
  • Fagerhult Group
    • iGuzzini
    • Sistemalux
    • WE-EF
  • Designplan Lighting Incorporated
  • Signify Lighting
    • Cooper Lighting Solutions
      • Crouse-Hinds ← (Revere Electric Manufacturing Company)
      • Fail-Safe
      • Invue
      • Lumark
      • McGraw-Edison ← (Line Material Industries)
      • Metalux
      • Regent
      • Streetworks ← (Westinghouse Electric Corporation)
    • Genlyte Solutions ← (Thomas Industries)
      • Allscape
      • Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Company
      • Day-Brite (CFI)
      • Emco Lighting
      • ExceLine
      • Gardco
      • Guth
      • Hadco
      • Hanover Lantern
      • Keene Lighting
      • Lumec
      • Optimum Lighting
      • Quality Lighting
      • Stonco
      • Wide-Lite
  • StressCrete Group
    • King Luminaire
    • Spartan Sports Lighting

Non-subsidiary Companies:

  • AEC Illumination Corporation (AEC Illuminazione Srl)
  • America Light Incorporated
  • Amerlux, LLC ← (Dynamic Lighting Solutions, LLC)
  • Appleton Electric (Emerson Electric Company)
  • Arcluce North America Incorporated (Arcluce S.p.A.)
  • ARK Lighting
  • Atlas Lighting Products → (LSI Industries)
  • B-K Lighting Incorporated ← (TEKA Illumination)
  • Baselite Corporation
  • BEGA
  • Bieber Illumination Group
  • Brownlee Lighting
  • Carolina High Mast Industries
  • CC Utility Lighting Incorporated
  • Crystal Lighting Corporation
  • Dabmar Lighting
  • Deco Lighting Incorporated
  • DuraGuard Products Incorporated
  • Elcast Lighting
  • Electric Power Accessories Corporation (EPAC)
  • Environmental Lighting for Architecture (ELA) Incorporated
  • Esco Lighting Incorporated
  • Evergreen Lighting
  • Fluorescent Supply Company (FSC) Lighting Incorporated
  • GeoSport Lighting Systems
  • Global Lighting Perspectives
  • Hazlux (ABB Group)
  • H.E. Williams Incorporated
  • Heper USA, LLC (HPR Pazarlama A.Ş.)
  • Heritage Casting & Ironworks (HCI) Limited
  • Howard Industries Incorporated
  • Kenall Manufacturing Company
  • Lightway Industries Incorporated
  • LIGMAN Lighting Incorporated
  • Louis Poulsen
  • LSI Industries
  • Lumca
  • MagniFlood Incorporated
  • Main Street Lighting Incorporated
  • Musco Sports Lighting, LLC
  • NERI North America (NERI S.p.A.)
  • Neptun Light Incorporated
  • Niland Company
  • North Star Lighting Incorporated
  • PACE Illumination Limited
  • Pacific Lighting & Standards Company (PLSC)
  • PEMCO Lighting Products
  • Performance in Lighting Incorporated
  • Phoenix Products Company
  • Qualite Sports Lighting, LLC
  • RAB Lighting Incorporated
  • Ragni Lighting, LLC
  • Rebelle Lighting Fixture Company Limited
  • Rig-A-Lite (Avail Infrastructure Solutions)
  • Schréder, LLC
  • Selux Corporation (Semperlux AG)
  • Sentry Electric, LLC
  • Solera Corporation
  • Spectra Lighting Incorporated
  • Sportsbeams Lighting Incorporated
  • Standard Products Corporation
  • Sternberg Lighting
  • Symban Lighting Corporation
  • Tamlite Lighting (TAMCO Group)
  • Techlight Incorporated
  • TerraCast Products, LLC
  • U.S. Pole Lighting Company
  • VISCO Incorporated
  • Visionaire Lighting, LLC
  • W.F. Harris Lighting Incorporated
LED Luminaire Companies:

  • Above All Lighting Incorporated
  • Altech Electronics (Ultron Industries)
  • America's Green Line
  • American Nail Plate (ANP) Lighting Incorporated
  • AV Poles & Lighting
  • Bradley Lighting
  • Cree Lighting ← (Ruud Lighting Incorporated)
  • Dialight
  • Duke Light Company Limited
  • Eclipse Lighting Incorporated
  • eLuminaire, LLC
  • ERCO GmbH
  • Evluma
  • Excellence Opto Incorporated (EOI)
  • Evolucia Incorporated
  • GreenStar Products Incorporated
  • Horner Lighting Group
  • IKIO LED Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting Products
  • Leader Electronics Incorporated
  • LED Roadway Lighting Limited
  • LEDture Incorporated
  • Leotek Electronics, LLC
  • Linmore LED Labs Incorporated
  • Lumenpulse
  • Lumecon Incorporated
  • Luminoso LED Lighting
  • MaxLite
  • NLS Lighting, LLC
  • Rayon Lighting Group Incorporated
  • Revolution Lighting Technologies Incorporated ← (Relume Technologies)
  • Shenzhen SNC Opto Electronic Company Limited
  • SimplyLEDs
  • SloanLED
  • Solais Lighting, LLC
  • SolarMax Technology Company
  • Structura Incorporated
  • SunRise LED Incorporated
  • Technilum
  • TOTUS Solutions
  • TraStar Incorporated
  • US LED Limited
  • Wisconsin Lighting Lab (WiLL) Incorporated
  • XtraLight LED Lighting Solutions
  • ZGSM Technology Company Limited
  • Zuma Lighting, LLC
Old/Defunct Companies:

  • Centrecon Incorporated
  • Douglas Power-Pak
  • ELSCO Lighting Products Incorporated
  • Guardian Light Company
  • Jet-Phillips
  • Joslyn Electric Manufacturing Company
  • NEPO Manufacturing Company
  • Powerlite Devices Limited → (GTE Sylvania Products Corporation)
  • Ruud Lighting Incorporated
  • Simkar Corporation ← (CEW Lighting)
  • Skyline Manufacturing Company
  • Welsbach Lighting Incorporated → (RWL Corporation)
Red - defunct company
Blue - bought back from larger company[/list][/list]
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Re: List of luminaire manufacturers for the North American market « Reply #1 on: May 12, 2022, 09:39:34 PM » Author: joseph_125
Great list, especially the defunct ones too.

If you want to, here's some Canadian luminaire manufacturers that you could add to the list:

Active Companies
  • Leviton <- (2019) Viscor Inc.
    • Visioneering - Formerly known as Weiner Electric -> Visioneered (Indoor fluorescent/LED, formerly made outdoor HID)
    • Certolux - Specialty, build to order brand
  • RAB Design (Outdoor HID and LED) Unsure about relationship to the American RAB
  • Standard Products Inc. <- Stan Pro Lighting Systems Inc. (Fluorescent and HID)
  • King Luminaire (Outdoor HID, part of the Stress-Crete group)
  • Pioneer Lighting (Based in Etobicoke, ON) (Fluorescent/LED)
  • EPAC (Electric Power Accessories Corporation) (Based in Guelph, ON primarily makes pole line hardware although they made HID luminaires in the past
  • Can-Arm (importers of residential luminaires and residential fluorescent luminares, also makes HVAC and agriculture products) (Based in Brockville, ON)
  • Peerless Electric Co. (Based in Montreal, QC) (Fluorescent/LED) (Independent from the Peerless Lighting brand owned by Acuity in the US, which also makes fluorescent luminaires)

Defunct/Acquired Companies
  • Kaufel Group (Acquired by Thomas and Betts in 1998, rolled into Acuity Brands Lighting by ~2002)
    • Powerlite Ltd (Outdoor HID)<-(1993) GTE Sylvania Canada<- (late 70s) Powerlite Devices Ltd.
    • Landmark Lighting (Manufactured American Electric luminaire designs in Canada under license)
  • Beaverlites (Fluorescent, owned by GTE Sylvania) (Based in Montreal, QC)
  • Skyline Manufacturing Ltd. (Outdoor HID, based in Toronto, ON)
  • Douglas (Outdoor HID area, based in Western Canada)
  • C & M Products Limited, (Acquired by Thomas Industries in the late 1960s, rolled into Thomas Lighting ~1980s) (HID/Fluorescent, based in Markham, ON)
  • Amalgamated Electric, (HID/Fluorescent) (Was Canadian dist. for Benjamin, manufactured Daybrite fluorescent luminaires for Canadian market)
  • Mid-Day Lighting Inc. (Fluorescent, Defunct 2000) (Based in Mississauga, ON)
  • CEB Limited(Fluorescent) (Based in Toronto, ON)
  • Wilson <- J.A. Wilson Lighting and Display (Fluorescent) (Based in Toronto, ON)
  • Jaftech Manufacturing Inc.(Fluorescent and fluorescent retrofit kits) (Based in Newmarket, ON)
  • Thorn Canada Ltd. (Canadian branch for Thorn Lighting in the UK, imported luminaires for the Canadian market and produced a small number of designs domestically) (HID, based in Mississauga, ON)

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Re: List of luminaire manufacturers for the North American market « Reply #2 on: May 16, 2022, 11:15:59 AM » Author: Burrito
Huh, I didn't know that Revere was folded into Crouse Hinds?

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Re: List of luminaire manufacturers for the North American market « Reply #3 on: May 17, 2022, 12:40:29 PM » Author: Silverliner
You forgot Solarmax, a small manufacturer in California. They are commonly seen on California highways.

Also, Cooper Lighting Solutions is now owned by Signify, but still a separate entity from what was Genlyte.

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