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Repairing 2 lamp fixtures « on: January 07, 2012, 04:35:07 PM » Author: Powell
I have 2   2 lamp 40 watt fixtures I have done nothing with since I moved up here. I took one that's high power factor  and took the cover off, and it is an Advance ballast that just says high power factor and nothing else.  The ballast cover was in various shades of black from that 2006 fire and I took it into the bathroom and the tub and scrubbed it with Comet, a kitchen cleaner that is abrasive. It's not as abrasive as in years past, but almost all of the paint came off. I think it would have washed off. SOOOOOOOO, I took it outside to dry, then got the white spray paint and painted it. It got to 70F something so it should be dry soon.  The other fixture has a curved shade as shop lights do, and it's needing cleaning and likely repainting but the 2 lock keys would not budge so I left it for another day. The ballast in it is a ultra dim one, so it has to go. I do have ballasts for it. 



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